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O/H - Market Values - 12" - LIES-123

O/H - Market Values - 12" - LIES-123

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O/H "market values" ep

Rich Oddie (Orphx) and Dave Foster (Huren/Teste) return under their punk/industrial/scum electronics moniker O/H. These 5 tracks are an amalgamtion of dense, yet somehow stripped down heavy industrial punk electronic madness. Open filter feedback drenched MS-20 and punishing 909 beats crash head-on throughout with Foster's Jello Biafra-esce vocals through a meat-grinder stylings meet a ranting homeless man as he raids your uncles's 80s porn vhs collection. Controlled chaos written recorded and put to tape as modern society falls apart in front of our eyes. Absolutely what the world needs right now (according to us). Full picture cover included.

A1. Media Blitz

A2. Supply Demand

B1. Human Waste

B2. Wage Slave

B3. Poverty Line

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