Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped three days a week (excluding US holidays and weekends) from our New York warehouse location.

We are not responsible for any lost or damaged goods that may occur during the shipping process.

We are not responsible for any excess international tax charges that may occur when shipping overseas.

All international orders are shipped via DHL. Please consider all of this when ordering, these orders can take longer to get to you than you may think.


For international DHL orders please allow up to 5 weeks. Most DHL orders are routed first through Germany and may take longer to process. Please note that DHL packages are often handled by local postal carriers at final destination.

If you track your package and it says it is in your country but not delivered, chances are your item is stuck in customs. The best course of action is to contact your local postal carrier ASAP.

DHL orders are only picked up from our location once per week so confirmation of shipping may be delayed for this service depending on the day of week your order is placed.

We are not AMAZON, we are a very small DIY operation doing our best to get your orders to you in an efficient and timely manner. If you have an issue or question email the shipping email line and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.