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FRET - s/t - 12" - LIES-128

FRET - s/t - 12" - LIES-128

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LIES-128 FRET ep

A1. Slowly Moving In A2. The Hill B1. Pirates B2. Walking With Cameras

Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn) is back on L.I.E.S. with his second ep under his FRET moniker. Harris who has arguably pioneered the template for industrial techno and dubstep genres again shows us why he is the boss with this ep. Fusing ultra heavy blasted broken drum programming with mutant dubstyle mixing desk techniques, Harris once again creates a sonic black hole which there is no return from. Brief moments of tranquility give way to crushing bursts of metal on metal screams and tortured frequency abuse, as the buried voices try to rise from the wreckage. Once again, this is controlled chaos executed by a master, remorseless electronic music with zero compromise, plain and simple.

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