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Beau Wazner

Beau Wazner - Beau Wazner - 12" - LIES031

Beau Wazner - Beau Wazner - 12" - LIES031

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Chicago's Beau Wanzer known for his work with Mutant Beat Dance and Streetwalker makes his debut on L.I.E.S. with his first solo ep..absolute killer!

Wanzer who has been involved in the underbelly of American electronic music for many years, cut his teeth working at Magas' now defunct Weekend Records and Soap. Through that time Wanzer constantly worked on music amassing a sizable studio where he worked in various electronic strains creating an impressive body of work. These tracks come from different points of his career and are stripped down functional pieces made for the dj even if that was not their initial intention.

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