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Emma DJ + Ishaq -FUSION  - split LP - LIES-160

Emma DJ + Ishaq -FUSION - split LP - LIES-160

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Emma DJ + Ishaq "Fusion" split lp

A1. More is More Euphoric
A2. Fuzmec
A3. Stratocaster
A4. Vector
B1. Mantis Ale
B2. Shutdown Spitface
B3. Forest Manned Wolf
B4. Snowtop

Running the anything goes travelling warehouse rave "Fusion mes Couilles"
Emma DJ and Ishaq have created a unique situation with their party series in Paris. The two have been able to do what not many have, which is create a party environment strictly on their own terms, with no outside influence, no pandering to agents or the trends of the day and no corporate money rearing its head in. This is no small feat considering the climate over the last years in the city and as a result of their hard work, a large scale dedicated fanbase has been built.

Over these years both Emma DJ and Ishaq had been working independently on their own productions as well, with Emma DJ releasing a slew of tapes in a hyperactive, machine gun manner. Here we have the "Fusion" split lp featuring four tracks from Emma DJ on the a-side and four tracks from Ishaq on the b-side...both artists bring their unique takes on modern dance music to their respective sides from gnarled acid, to tweaked IDM, to broken techno, or ADD chopped guitar loop beats, this is a truly special record from the top crew in the Paris underground.

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