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Vapauteen - Vapauteen - 12" - LIES038

Vapauteen - Vapauteen - 12" - LIES038

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New York techno producer Shawn O'Sullivan makes his return to L.I.E.S. under his Vapauteen moniker.

After an amazing release on Avian as 400ppm and a collaborative effort on The Corner with Beau Wanzer, here we get O'Sullivan turning down the bpms and slowly crushing everything in sight. The a-side provides three tracks of unforgiving modular slowcore beat electronics which trudge their way to the grave, while the b-side is strictly about power electronics and harsh tone work outs. Sure to piss off someone on the internet or better yet, in real life.


  • Drawing Blood From a Stone
  • Ask the Boss
  • Basillisk
  • You'll get Used to it
  • An Unbreakable Bubble
  • Punnish or be Damned

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