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Monolith - Time is Running Out - 12" - SG1672

Monolith - Time is Running Out - 12" - SG1672

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"Time Running Out" is cutting edge, post contemporary industrial-techno music with highly percussive drum programming and infectious sound design set to overrun dance floors. Besides his busy production schedule, Eric also works as a highly skilled mastering engineering for many a famous industrial/EBM acts as well as for classic 90' Belgium techno labels like R&S and Re-Load. With over three decades experience, his engineering skills shine crystal clear with razor sharp production on his latest four cut EP for Sonic Groove. "Time Running Out" is an absolute must for anyone into Rhythmic Industrial and techno. credits


  1. Construct 05:29
  2. Deconstruct 04:58
  3. Ghost Cities 07:00
  4. Time 05:20

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