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M/R - Let That Shit Breathe - 12" - LIES048

M/R - Let That Shit Breathe - 12" - LIES048

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I've know Billy Werner aka M//R now for about 20 years, him being from Whitestone, Queens myself right next door in Long Island.

Through time i've seen him go through many different metamorphosis's in his musical life, his M//R project being the latest incarnation.

Having previously released his debut ep on the amazing Great Circles label (as Werner has called Philly his home for the last 8 years..or more?) in 2014, those who heard it knew he was up to something serious. With this release for L.I.E.S. M//R delivers the goods through 4 stylistically diverse tracks we see him move through techno, electro, slow beat head nod cuts, and psychedelic broken beat UK cut ups. Usually a record of such would be a head spinning genre disaster of ransom note proportions but M//R pulls it off with style and power, each track strongly standing out on it's own, each with its own true character. A producer to watch out for, don't get caught out there.


  • A1. Let That Shit Breathe
  • A2. Just Say No
  • B1. Slinky Kids
  • B2. Coconut Jar

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