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Krikor - Pacific Alley in Dub - 12" - LIES-117

Krikor - Pacific Alley in Dub - 12" - LIES-117

$ 15.00

Krikor is back on the label with a new six tracker. Following up his Pacific Alley lp from last year, we now get Pacific Alley in Dub, taking tracks from the lp and re-working with ample echo and new riddims strictly made for the dancefloor. Spacious pads and Linn drum claps are run through the board as voices ping back and forth in the chamber, equally blissed out and trippy. Summer jams guaranateed. Comes with full color picture cover and download card.


Krikor Kouchian-Pacific Alley in Dub

A1. Slow Riddim

A2. Deserver Dub

A3. Snow Dub

B1. Hermano Dub

B2. Onda Dub

B3. Plomo Riddim

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