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Jorge Velez - Animals Disk - LP - LIES072

Jorge Velez - Animals Disk - LP - LIES072

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We have seen Jorge Velez's at his most adventurous when working with L.I.E.S. From 2012's "Hassan" lp to his "Territories" record from a couple years back we now hear Velez taking his sound into new realms on this five track effort. In what can be called a foray into animal -themed electronic experimentation - recorded using only Fairlight CMI samples and a Microbrute synthesizer - we hear a melodic side to his sound previously not present in other works. Hints of Musique Concrete as well as Eastern influences creep about in a teasing manner bringing the listener into a dream world of digi-nature, electronic bird chips and 8-bit waterfalls.. A welcome and refreshingly unique listen.


  • 1. Lynx at the Corner
  • 2. Birdhouse Data
  • 3. Tiger Pool
  • 4. Boa
  • 5. Hanuman

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