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Gunnar Haslam - Mimesiak - 2xLP - LIES026

Gunnar Haslam - Mimesiak - 2xLP - LIES026

$ 25.00

Through these 10 tracks, we get a nice balance as the producer uses hardware interspersed with samples that mesh together in a tasteful and effective manner. This record is both psychedelic and spiritual in its juxtaposition, yet somehow has a brash underlying urban element. It's almost like mistakenly walking into the middle of mystical ritual in a basement located in some desolate and forgotten part of the city.


  • A1. Just For Me 
  • A2. Billowing Black Cloud 
  • A3. B61 
  • B1. Scheherazade 
  • B2. Anatolia 
  • C1. He Came From The Border 
  • C2. Mark And Don 
  • C3. Gragnano 
  • D1. Cat Superhighway (Version) 
  • D2. Culver Viaduct 

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