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German Army- untitled- Cassette - LIES-167.1

German Army- untitled- Cassette - LIES-167.1

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Limited to 50 copies exclusive to our website! .

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New 16 song cassette of from the mysterious and extremely prolific cult group German Army. True West Coast American electronics at its best! Murky freaked out spirit calling rhythm tracks. Guitars and vocals appear at times further adding to the haunt...this is the real desert trance! What you need!
A1. Gambling With Conscience
A2. Pressure And Belief
A3. Regulated Morals
A4. Wait For Lights In Saipan
A5. Empathy In Numbers
A6. Living In The Comments Section
A7. Ramellzeez
A8. What A Moral Question
B1. Turn Them Into A Vision
B2. A Marajo Vase
B3. On Tracking In Mud
B4. Bodies And Bread
B5. The Design On The Absurd
B6. Wary Of The Sounds
B7. Magnet To Solitude
B8. Playing Catch Up To Nothing


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