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Gavin Russom - Mantle of Stars - 12" - LIES25.5

Gavin Russom - Mantle of Stars - 12" - LIES25.5

$ 15.00

Veteran NYC synth master Gavin Russom joins L.I.E.S. with an outstanding three track ep. ...

Epic, tense, and driving Russom goes for the throat crafting beautifully produced functional club tracks that teeter on the edge of the deepest psychedelic realm. With hints of many different electronic strains creeping into his productions, we get the full specturm and see this talented producer doing some of his best work in recent times, the hidden gem being the b-side's closing track, The Telstar File.


  • Mantle of Stars
  • Brood Queen
  • The Telstar File

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