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Entro Senestre - Entro Senestre - 12" - LIES034

Entro Senestre - Entro Senestre - 12" - LIES034

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With previous releases on WT and Echovolt Records, Entro Senestre makes his L.I.E.S. debut with the two track "Siamese Connextion" ep.

Root Canal sounds just like the title, a painfully executed techno/electro track. Starting with a blown-out stuttered kick pushing air coupled with synths and melodies that wouldn't sound so far off in an Ultradyne song crushing the listener. Siamese Connextion is a completely different animal clocking in at 9 minutes with lush chords and melodies, building up and breaking down, providing perfect early morning modern house sounds.


  1. Root Canal
  2. Siamese Connextion

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