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DJ Overdose - Hero's Gone Mental - 12" - LIES062

DJ Overdose - Hero's Gone Mental - 12" - LIES062

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DJ/Producer/Professor/Gardener... The Hague's Overdose is the absolute shit, in our books. This is another must have record from a key figure in the West Coast's (of Holland that is) underground scene. And we didn't even mention Murder Capitol yet... DON.

DJ Overdose made his way to NYC for a long trip somewhere along 2003 or 2004. I had already been collecting his records he did with Ingmar Pauli under the Novamen moniker for some time and his solo work on Murder Capital. With delusions of granduer after hanging with Overdose through his stay in NYC I had asked him to do a record for a quickly failing hip hop imprint I was involved with. He complied, but the record was never meant to be at this time as the label went by the wayside. Eventually in 2006 we got in a van and toured the States, further solidifying an unholy union and a taste for TGIF Friday's. Fast forward to 2015 and we finally got our shit together and present the first DJ Overdose record for L.I.E.S. Overdose has already smashed this year with his Master Control release on Viewlexx and picks up right where he left off with these four tracks. Moody, dramatic, filled with basslines and insane drum programming, this record is meant to be played loud on the dancefloor. Check the curveball title track Hero's Gone Mental for maximum heads down in the cut vibes.


  • Brain vs Heart
  • Hero's Gone Mental
  • Heax-Hrll
  • Trail of Tears

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