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Cienfuegos - Lost In God's Country - 12" - BNK003

Cienfuegos - Lost In God's Country - 12" - BNK003

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Based out of Brooklyn, Alex Suarez is carving out his own unique sound experimenting in the world of raw primordial electronics. Under the name Cienfuegos, he has prior releases on Brooklyn's Primitive Languages imprint as well as the France's Unknown Precept label-with his new "Lost in God's Country" ep we see him debut on the New York centered Bank Records. Through the four tracks Cienfuegos harkens back to the time of early industrial music, not far off from the early transmissions of SPK or even hinting at sounds akin to E.g. Oblique Graph. Suarez has a knack for developing textures and tension in his music sewing it all together with plodding rhythms and the occasional creeper vocal. Heavyweight stuff coming most highly recommended.


  • A1 Slippping Venus
  • A2 Trabajito
  • B1 Entre Amigos
  • B2 Caminando

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