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Beta Evers - Eruption - 12" - SGX-03

Beta Evers - Eruption - 12" - SGX-03

$ 13.00

Originally released as a Limited Edition 12” back in 2005 on Beta's own Kommando 6 label. Now in 2017 the original pressing goes for quite a fortune on the record collecting market. Often exceeding €60 for a mint copy. For the first time in a dozen years this release is available on vinyl in its original running order but with very sleak new artwork for the normal asking price of a new store bought 12”.

Beta Evers is Brigitte Enzler from Augsburg, Germany. An artist with a substantial amount of accomplished work to her credit including an early release on the storied Hague label, Crème and her side project Black Spider Clan. After ceasing Kommando 6 operations, Beta Evers continues on independently releasing music on her other labels Bodyvolt and Venus Noir. Her most recent release is the 2016 awesome “Delusion” album on legendary Industrial/EBM pioneer Dirk Ivens prestigious Daft imprint. The opening track's title serves as a warning, titled "Don't Be Afraid", a cold introduction led by sinister synth lines soliciting our attention to expertly crafted true analog electronic percussion in the EBM/Dark Electro... 

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