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Drax Response - The Heart and the Stone - 12" - SG-1883

Drax Response - The Heart and the Stone - 12" - SG-1883

$ 13.00

Sonic Groove Records presents the advent of a new strain of contemporary techno for 2018 and advancing electronic music culture further into the future with this release. This is a document of the convergence and alliance of two distinct artistic visions, that of veteran and pioneer Thomas P Heckmann under his Drax moniker and current dedicated activist Blush Response. The results of this cutting edge collaboration are pure dance floor revelations of the infectious and mind expanding kind. Four cryptic transmissions initiating a sequence of combined sonic DNA output.

This is an interpretation of techno rooted in radical experimentation and upgraded to the next level with compelling innovation. Side A initiates the drama with mysterious analog machine signals of both purist and experimental dark techno that are composed of elements crafted at the molecular level. Side B continues with intensity delivering more of the combined audio expression of the artists. The intense coded communication weaves through in waves of perfectly balanced synthesis that is reinforced with heavy percussion and complex intertwined and engaging rhythms. A new key to other dimensions in sound. Essential

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