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Northern Structures - Articulatio - 12" - SG1568

Northern Structures - Articulatio - 12" - SG1568

$ 12.00

Lasse Buhl about SG1568:

"Preview of the next release on Sonic Groove is up for listening and this one is a bit special. Since the last release 'Crossing Bridges' Troels has decided to put all his focus on his Ctrls moniker and Lasse will continue the Northern Structures adventure as a solo project. After the last release 'Crossing Bridges' we talked about it, had a beer, hugged and we both felt this was the right thing to do. So here it goes, 'Northern Structures - Articulation Pressure' hitting the streets soon!!!

Love Lasse"


  1. It's Some Men's Faith To Face Great Darkness 06:41
  2. Untold Secrets 05:29
  3. The Cut 06:11
  4. Skagerrak 05:32

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