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Diagenetic Origin - Totem - 12" - SG1254

Diagenetic Origin - Totem - 12" - SG1254

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Released May 2012.

Diagenetic Origin come from Sweden, home to Adam Beyer and Joel Mull, and at times, this release sounds inspired by those 90s producers. The title track, with its driving, rolling rhythm and bombastic drums, could be a tribute to old Drumcode releases, while "Blossom" provides an update on that approach, with its snapping percussion and jarring, industrial beats. But the EP is well-rounded and "Sacred" sees Diagenetic Origin veer into broken beat territory, with eerie soundscapes unfolding over fractured rhythms. Meanwhile, "Landet" sees a lowering of the tempo but no sacrifice in intensity, with concrete beats and whiplash percussion prevailing.

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