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Pvre Matrix - Burning Sulfur - 12" - LIES027.5

Pvre Matrix - Burning Sulfur - 12" - LIES027.5

$ 12.00

Danny Moore aka Pvre Matrix is from a generation of young techno producers out of Brooklyn who come at the music without preconcieved notions or boundaries in their approach to production and playing live. 

He is the epitomy of the slash and burn blitzkrieg attitude of new producers popping up under the JMZ everyday. While very interesting to see the scene develop this way, few have executed in such a fashion as Pvre Matrix has. Impeccabily produced without losing its sense of urgency or brutality and clocking in at breakneck speed, Pvre Matrix is out for blood, and his three track debuts prove as such. While you might not catch Danny Moore in your local big room anytime soon, he is undeniably a force that is present and will crush you regardless.


  • A1. Burning Sulfur 
  • B1. Refusal 
  • B2. Hyper Object