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Torn Hawk - Time is a Scam 2xLP - BLUE VINYL VERSION

Torn Hawk - Time is a Scam 2xLP - BLUE VINYL VERSION

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Torn Hawk
"Time is a Scam" 2xlp
A1. Come to Be
A2. I Took What You Did to Me and Made a Sword Out of It
B1. Jade City
B2. Books Smell Good
B3. Lenny Dykstra
C1. The Dreams Hurt
C2. I Hate Weed
C3. Weaponized Loss
D1. Breaking Down the Gates
D2. Crows Everywhere
D3. Find Me in the Rain

Archetypal Hawk tropes of guitar-spiked genre destruction and sad cop show melodies combine with classical nuance and the rhythm of abandoned cities to shape a soundtrack for personal or global apocalypse, which is also, in it’s totality, about the persistence of the will to connect, against all odds, even as the void presents itself in all it’s yawning, fang-ringed emptiness. But you ask "does this record shred? And to that the Hawk says “Hell yeah, it’s the heaviest record I ever made!

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