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Rhys Fulber - Realism - 12" - SG-1778

Rhys Fulber - Realism - 12" - SG-1778

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3.Minsk Maschien


Sonic Groove Records presents a new masterpiece entitled “Realism” by artist Rhys Fulber, his career as a waveform alchemist and sonic innovator began with the band Front Line Assembly, a project he helped both instigate and shared an imaginative vision with fellow pioneer Bill Leeb who is otherwise known for his work with early Skinny Puppy. The sound of Front Line Assembly assisted in the evolution and definition of the Industrial/EBM genre. Rhys Fulber has continued as an unprecedented producer with his contributions to other noteworthy defining procedures such as Noise Unit and Delerium and forging forward in the contemporary realm inside Youth Code and the more accessible Conjure One project.

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